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Around the figure of the escorts, there are all kinds of speculations about what they do, what they charge, who they are… The truth is that what is known as an escort, is a paid companion, that is, a woman who a client pays to go with him to meetings, parties, etc. But does she include sex in her services? Sometimes yes, sometimes she only offers himself as a companion.

The luxury company is a highly sought-after service and is booming among girlsbarcelona. Within this business some escorts collect millions of dollars that many are willing to pay. In most cases, the client of this service seeks above all recognition that provides her with a woman with a high level of education and an impressive physical presence. Anyway, you should always trust a specialised agency such as Barcelona Escorts.

How escorts can help you feel better

It is estimated that 90 percent of top executives between 35 and 50 years old use the services of luxury escorts or prostitutes. the demand is soaring at work conventions, as confirmed by the director of one of the main escort agencies in Barcelona. “During these last few days, there have been times when it was crazy because I didn’t have enough girls.”

As the director of this agency confirms, these are very intelligent girls, who speak languages, university students. They also have an excellent appearance and their maxim is discretion.

There has also been much speculation that, although none of them has been publicly confirmed, many celebrities and models dedicate themselves to luxury prostitution or to being “companions” of big businessmen.

The importance of sex in our lives

It is very common that after a good time of relationship, the intensity begins to decrease and sometimes comes the monotony that can cause havoc in the union of a couple, it is a fact that this aspect influences the problems of couple, as well as other problems influence the subject of sexuality. For this reason, it is essential to establish a dialogue with your partner, to listen to his opinions and desires, as well as to understand that neither of us is right, each one has his own truth and in the end the truth belongs to both of us.

Reaching agreement on the issue can be very useful. When the passion begins to fade, it is important to look for ways to help motivate them to live new experiences in the sexual field. You can buy books in the market for couples specialized in the subject, which will surely open your mind and his to take full advantage of the honeys of love.

Neglecting this field of the relationship can be a fatal error, because in many opportunities and depending on the strength of your relationship, you will open spaces that in a moment of confusion or absence, will allow your partner sexual exploration away from you, generating much more serious problems and often end up with the relationship.